Patient Fact Sheet: Sugar & Acidity in Common Drinks

The Drinks Destroy Teeth Patient Fact Sheet (Acid & Sugar Resource Card) is a perfect handout for patients, students, family and friends. This resource outlines the potentially harmful effects of drinking sugar-laden and acidic drinks, and ranks common drinks according to their sugar and acid contents.

English Brochure

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Spanish Brochure

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PowerPoint Presentations

The Drinks Destroy Teeth PowerPoint presentation can be used in the classroom, in a training session, in a public health setting, or even in the dental office waiting room.

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Other Dental Erosion Programs & Websites

Minnesota Dental Association

Missouri Dental Association

Florida Dental Association

Pennsylvania Dental Association

Ad Council & Partnership for Healthy Smiles, Healthy Lives

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Cocaine versus Soft Drinks

Which causes more tooth damage, cocaine or soda?

Download the Caries presentation in illicit drug users and excessive soft drink consumers (PDF) presented by IUSD Department of Endodontics to find out. The photographs might surprise you!




Original Curriculum

Looking for the original Drinks Destroy Teeth hands on curriculum? Download it here!

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